What Are the Advantages of Anysort DF Tea Quality Sorter? Apr 13, 2023


On February 28th, Anysort DF53 tea quality sorting on-site experience meeting was held in Menghai, Yunnan!The upgraded application of the DF53 tea quality sorting machine in the Pu’er tea sorting scene has created a new situation in the intelligent sorting of Pu’er tea.


"China's No. 1 Pu'er Tea County" - Menghai, Yunnan Province, has a tea area of 900,000 mu and an output of 35,000 tons of raw tea. Menghai's tea industry has made great contributions to driving local economic development.

And the new product of Anysort's strategic upgrade - DF53 series tea quality sorting machine, through the transformation and innovation of Pu'er processing technology, once again promotes the development of Menghai's tea industry.


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The DF53 color sorter for tea, based on the new research and development of the PLOV self-learning platform, intelligently adapts to the needs of different tea sorting, and has the characteristics of large output, high precision, low damage rate, and excellent impurity removal. Whether it is Pu-er raw tea or Pu-erh cooked tea, DF53 is able to cope with it.


Sorting Effect of Pu'er Tea By DF53


Efficient Removal of Non-tea Impurities

With the help of Anysort DF tea quality sorting technology, the Menghai raw tea and cooked tea will spread fragrance all over the world!

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