TK Nuts Color Sorting Is For Perfecting Nuts Process Mar 31, 2021

For a long time, many peanut processing enterprises have been faced with problems such as germinated rice, especially those below 3mm, that cannot be selected, impurities are not cleanly selected, peeling and broken flaps are severely damaged during processing and sorting, and the operation of the sorting equipment is complicated and cumbersome, and it is impossible to realize coordinated operation Troubled. In 2020, Anysort developed the TK series peanut cloud quality sorting machine with great concentration, which brought mysterious quality sorting technology to the peanut processing industry. In this issue of Entering Quality Sorting Cloud Vision, let us walk into Yongxi peanut processing in Ju County, Shandong Province. Factory, exploring the quality selection technology of peanut processing.

Shoot buds and remove impurities, select quality and clean up again

Talking about the original choice, Mr. Tang is still fresh. Because the traditional color sorter has poor bud head rice sorting ability and cannot effectively remove impurities, many peanut processing plants have to buy vertical color sorters, crawler color sorters and The X-ray machine has multiple sorting equipment to solve these problems, but the problem still cannot be effectively solved, so when he heard that the cloud sorter can not only help him solve the bud rice sorting, but also solve the impurities, mildew, and peanuts. When waiting for the problem of sorting, he decided to order a cloud-quality sorting machine on the spot. After the equipment was debugged, it used to be hand-picked by 7 or 8 people after color sorting, but now the cloud-quality sorting machine does not need to be manually selected. Mr. Tang said that he believes in technology and believes that technology can realize his dream.


Wisdom Internet of Things Enjoy worry-free production

In Mr. Tang's view, they started relatively late and must rely on technological innovation to accelerate their development. Therefore, since he started working in the peanut processing industry in 2009, he has been paying close attention to the development of new technologies and new equipment. This time he was able to buy the cloud-quality sorter on the spot because of the intelligent technology of the cloud-quality sorter. Up him.

Friends who are familiar with the Anysort cloud quality sorter know that the Anysort cloud quality sorter has a unique one-click cloud intelligence technology, in addition to the intelligent Internet of Things technology, this technology can not only realize the real-time intelligent adaptation of the cloud quality sorter The flow changes of the production lines can also realize the collaborative supervision of the upstream and downstream equipment raw material warehouse discharge conveyors and electronic packaging scales, which solves the difficulty of the production workers running around and operating the equipment in a hurry due to the flow changes in the production process of the ordinary production line.


TK peanut colour sorting machine adopts cloud IoT technology to easily realize networking with upstream and downstream equipment, intelligent interactive real-time status monitoring, and intelligent supervision of upstream and downstream equipment operation. At the same time, based on the intelligent flow control 2.0 technology, it can intelligently adjust the size of flow changes and Ensure that each channel is fed uniformly. Create perceptible, collaborative, real-time full-online intelligent production, and enjoy worry-free production.


Non-invasive, high-yield, smart and anti-breaking

During the video shooting, we also unexpectedly met another local peanut processing plant owner. Through him, we also got an amazing secret about the nuts optical  sorting machine. According to the owner, he compared the traditional color sorter is different from the Anysort color sorter. It is found that the Anysort colour sorter reduces the peeling rate by 6-7 percentage points compared with the traditional color sorter. 


The unique intelligent fitness removal technology of TK peanut colour sorter combines non-invasive selection technology, intelligent perception, fitness removal, comprehensive protection of fragile and fragile materials, and greatly reduces the peeling and broken flaps caused by the removal rate. 

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